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Step 3 in Search: Getting clicks

June 27, 2016 | Category: SEO | By: Michael Byrd

Step 1 of search is, of course, the search. That is, the act of the person seeking your service, and their state of mind, behavior, and why they are way more valuable to you than the average person. Step 2 is the search results page, also called a SERP. We narrowed this down to Page One of Google because this is the page that matters overwhelmingly, and we gave it the acronym POOG. Step...

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Step 2 in Search: Reaching Page One of Google

February 5, 2016 | Category: Search Engine Optimization | By: Michael Byrd

They want you! Are you there? They searched on Google. They got a results page - the hallowed Page One of Google (POOG). Are you there? Where? Is your message compelling enough to catch their attention and make them click? The Search Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is where the game is played. It's where the battle online is won or lost. There is no reason to be overwhel...

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The 4 Steps in Search

October 9, 2015 | Category: Search Engine Optimization | By: Michael Byrd

The four steps in search - and how you can win each one   Today I’ll outline a four-part series on how a search works. There are four steps in the chain. I’ll also explore in detail that important first step. The four steps are: The search. This is the series of words that someone enters into a Google search bar. And it’s other things that we’ll dis...

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Inbound Vs. Outbound Marketing, and Why You Should Care

September 1, 2015 | Category: Getting Creative | By: Michael Byrd

Inbound vs. outbound marketing, and why you should care Most things can be divided in two. There are extroverts and introverts, givers and takers, Democrats and Republicans, salt and pepper, offense and defense, sheep and goats, etc., etc. All of computing is ultimately ones and zeros. I’m not a black-and-white thinker, but it is useful to divide things in this binary way and then ...

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What's in a name? Part two

August 15, 2014 | Category: Random | By:

  What’s in a name? Part two In part one of last week’s article, we suggested some ideas business owners should keep in mind when deciding on a business name. For part two, we are going to tell a little story about how our company’s name was chosen. Then, we are going to go through the suggestions we listed and see if WordwrightWeb passes the name test. Here we...

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What’s in a name? Part One

August 8, 2014 | Category: Random | By:

  What’s in a name? Part one   When it comes to owning a business, choosing the right company name will be essential to your success. You want a name that conveys your service, but that is also unique. Depending on who you ask, the best kind of business names will vary. Some say it’s about being informative and telling customers exactly who you are. Others...

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WordwrightWeb’s afternoon of World Cup madness

June 27, 2014 | Category: Random | By:

  WordwrightWeb’s afternoon of World Cup madness   Yesterday afternoon, our team ventured out to The Harp, a local Irish Restaurant and Pub near downtown to watch USA take on Germany in the World Cup.  Although there is no question about our support for the USA team, we do happen to work with one individual who is from Brandscheid, Germany. So, the war was on. I...

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Marketing for Father's Day

June 13, 2014 | Category: Random | By:

    Marketing for Father’s Day   Father’s Day is in two days. The purpose of the day may be no different than Mother’s Day, but how it is played out in the marketing world is entirely different. Let me explain.   Mother’s Day is built around emotion such as love and appreciation, whereas Father’s Day focuses on practicali...

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Marketing for Memorial Day

May 16, 2014 | Category: Random | By:

  Marketing for Memorial Day     Does your business offer special deals for Memorial Day? As the unofficial start of the summer, this holiday mentally coaxes shoppers out of their winter slump and gets them into buying mode for the sunny season. Believe it or not, the majority of shoppers are not just beginning to think of Memorial Day specials until the week of. ...

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QR Codes for Real-Estate Use

March 6, 2014 | Category: Random | By:

QR Codes for Real-Estate Use   A friend of mine who works at his brother's real-estate business asked me recently about new ways to feature their business. More importantly, how to get their name out there and get new customers going to their website. It wasn't until a few months later while working that I stumbled across the idea of the use of QR codes in real-estate. Thu...

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