Marketing for Memorial Day

Marketing for Memorial Day

Does your business offer special deals for Memorial Day? As the unofficial start of the summer, this holiday mentally coaxes shoppers out of their winter slump and gets them into buying mode for the sunny season. Believe it or not, the majority of shoppers are not just beginning to think of Memorial Day specials until the week of. In fact, online searches related to the holiday start as early as March! So, have YOU started promoting your holiday deals yet?

Email Marketing

If shoppers are already looking into Memorial Day-related online searches in March, who says you cannot start promoting yourself early as well? Most companies wait until the week leading up to the holiday, so get ahead of your competition! If your company has a newsletter, or an email list, start making your customers aware of your upcoming offers. The most effective emails include the words “Memorial Day” with the actual deal in the header of the email. Want to take it a step further? Personalize your email using your customers’ names in the header. Emails with personalization in the header have a 31% higher chance of following through with a sale.

Printed Marketing Materials

If your business focuses on printed materials, start sending out those postcards and brochures! Most businesses will use red, white, and blue in their marketing materials, so get creative with your designs. Set yourself apart from the competition by changing your logo to the holiday colors. Or, if your business has a mascot, change up your character’s pose and make it carry Old Glory. Post your materials in locations where you know your target audience visits and will see them. Be the first to get your word out there! And then, by the time your competitors finally put up their own marketing materials, customers will have already seen yours first and may be already sold on your brand and specials.

There’s Always Next Year..

There is one business week left until Memorial Day and there is still time to get your voice out there. The best thing about a holiday? It comes every year. So, if you have let your marketing slip through the cracks this time, get ready for next year. We hear Memorial Day customer interest begins in March…so jump ahead and join in that conversation first!


Updated: 10/26/2023

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