Joomla Migration and Upgrade

WordwrightWeb is not only a top Joomla developer, we are a full-service web development and digital marketing company based entirely on the East Coast of the United States.

WordwrightWeb can upgrade your Joomla website to the newest version or migrate your site to another platform like WordPress!

For your Joomla website, we can:

  • perform any upgrade you need, from any Joomla version to current
  • work with custom (Photoshop) or pre-fab Joomla templates
  • create a new custom template or use a new Joomla template
  • work with and modify any extensions, modules, plugins, components or other add-on software
  • port and streamline associated databases
  • make your site secure
  • guarantee minimal downtime
  • work quickly – we can get started this week!
  • compete on price- we typically beat quotes from other reputable providers
  • provide a quick, free estimate

If those reasons aren’t enough, consider these. We can also:

  • provide business-class hosting for your website.  This means we answer the phone and your question without waiting and without “trouble tickets”
  • rebuild your site in WordPress, Magento, or any other platform
  • manage your domain name/s
  • handle email accounts associated with all of your domain names
  • help you and your business make money.  This means paid and organic search results, without contracts
  • manage your social media
JoomlaMasters is a division of WordwrightWeb specializing in Joomla upgrades and migrations!
We’re so serious about Joomla upgrades and conversions, we have a separate website for each. See and

We're from Wilmington NCStill not sure?

Here’s more about us: Wordwright began in 1987 as a graphic design and marketing agency in Wilmington, NC, well before the internet.  We still have many of the local clients we served ‘back in the day.”  We became WordwrightWeb in 2001.  Now, we work with clients throughout the U.S. as well as some internationally.

Call us at (910)-452-6345.  A real, live, knowledgeable person will answer.  Or fill out the short form and we’ll call you!

Entirely U.S. based, Eastern Time Zone. Serving clients worldwide.
Call us at (910)-452-6345. One of us will answer before the second ring, in most cases.
You’re not stuck. There is an answer. It will not cost a fortune.

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