Marketing for Father’s Day

Marketing for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is in two days. The purpose of the day may be no different than Mother’s Day, but how it is played out in the marketing world is entirely different. Let me explain.

Mother’s Day is built around emotion such as love and appreciation, whereas Father’s Day focuses on practicality. Flowers, beautifully worded cards, and handmade items certainly pull at mom’s heartstrings. But watches, grilling tools, and ties (just kidding!) are gifts that dad really wants. Most people say it’s much harder to shop for their dads or husbands. This seems especially true for women, as most women try to be creative with their Father’s Day gifts; they want their gifts to create memories in addition to being a keepsake.

For Father’s Day, marketers create campaigns that go beyond reminding people that “flowers will make mom happy”. Instead, the message to buyers is that this gift is not just an item, but an unforgettable moment. For example, say a golf brand is advertising golf clubs for Father’s Day. Rather than just leave it at that, they might go on to say, “Buy this club, and while you’re at it, treat him to a round of golf!” Now the golf club is not just a thoughtful gift. It also has a personal touch.

Although Father’s Day ads will always be seen on television, brands are now building strong campaigns through emails and social media. Consumers are always connected online and brands want to make sure they can reach out to them via these platforms. By consistently sending emails and posting on social media, brands can stick in consumers’ minds up till the actual day. As we know, there will always be those who wait till the last minute!


Updated: 10/26/2023

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