QR Codes for Real-Estate Use

QR Codes for Real-Estate Use

A friend of mine who works at his brother’s real-estate business asked me recently about new ways to feature their business. More importantly, how to get their name out there and get new customers going to their website. It wasn’t until a few months later while working that I stumbled across the idea of the use of QR codes in real estate. Thus began my research about how current realtors were using these codes in terms of information and placement. I was pleased to find real-estate businesses have been very successful with QR codes and have gotten creative with where people can find them.

The real estate industry can be intensely competitive. Names of realty companies are seen everywhere, especially their business signs that are stuck in the ground in front of properties. When there are so many realtors to choose from, where does one start? Be the realtor who reaches out to potential customers in a new, unique way while still directing them to the information that they want to see.

QR Code Basics

To refresh everyone’s minds, a QR (quick response) code is a barcode that is scanned with a smartphone using the QR scan app. After being scanned, the code will redirect smartphone users to see the business’s website, a picture, or a video.

When QR codes were first introduced to the public by companies, they were seen quite literally everywhere. Anyone lucky enough to have a smartphone could use their QR scanner app to find out what the hype was about. For those of us who did not have a smartphone yet, we were desperate for the friend who could show us what it did. Today, more people own smartphones, which means QR codes are becoming more easily accessible. QR codes are especially beneficial to real estate companies because of the various interactions they can make with customers. Here are some examples of QR code exposure other realtors have used:

Flyers / Postcards: Mail out flyers or postcards with the QR code easily seen. Customers can then be sent to the realtor’s website. Or, if a new, specific listing wants to be announced, make the code send customers to that specific listing online.

Business Cards: Business cards can feature QR codes that take customers to the business’s website.

Door Lock Box: A QR code sticker placed on a lockbox is great for customers who pass an unoccupied house and are interested in learning about the property and its realtor.

Ground Signs: Put a unique spin on this well-known sign. Fill in the sign with just the QR code. Like the lockbox, anyone passing by can scan the sign. Now potential customers do not have to write any information down, nor will they be frustrated because they do not have anything to write with.


If you work in real-estate, consider creating a QR code and see what it does for your business. It’s free and easy to design, which means there are no excuses for not trying. Interested in learning more ways to market your business? Give WordwrightWeb a call today or send us a message through our contact page and we can begin brainstorming with you!



Updated: 10/27/2023

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