The 3 sections in a Google search and how to understand them

When someone needs an attorney, a dentist, a plumber, or almost any other service provider, they usually start with a Google search. Currently, this generates a page with 3 sections. The ads, the map, and the first page of 10 “organic” results. These organic results are what we all think about when we do a search. But all 3 sections of the page are valuable for most businesses. We’re starting with “the 10” not because they’re the best for all situations, but because this section is what we think about. And it is interesting, valuable, and attainable for you an your business if you have a good website. You can get there and get more phone calls.



Good afternoon Michael Byrd here from WordWrightWeb giving you some information about search results. Primarily, Google is the one. Google is the place where all of the action happens. We talked about a number of things we started out with how search results are not an entitlement. They do not come with a website they are not guaranteed for all time, it’s kind of king of the hill. If it’s a search worth having you can bet you have a competitor and probably many competitors who are trying to get ahead of you on that game of king of the hill, which is the top 10 search results of a Google search. So that would be the first page and obviously you want to be in the top 5 if you can.

Now we glossed over the fact that a good search a commercially viable search that’s likely to be your prospect in high volumes a search term with a high number of searches is most likely going to generate a page that has three sections. So I want to go back and touch on the three sections of this kind of page and it’s not the only kind of page you’ll get.  So let’s go to the top here let me spin this back and again you don’t have to be able to read this to get what we’re talking about conceptually. This top section, you can’t see my cursor but this section right here is the Google AdWords (Google Ads) section. And what I want to say about this, is that we tend to dismiss this. This was what if you’ve been around the internet in Google from the early days what you cared about was the top 10 and the ads were just an annoyance and you developed a habit of not clicking on them. So now you may think that these ads are not in any way relevant to you and that would be incorrect. These ads work and the reason your competitors are showing up there is because they’re getting business from it, we’re going to come back to this. This is a really great way to get business. The second section here is the map section. I call it the map section technically that’s not correct it’s  Google My Business (now, Google Business Profile). It’s been a number of things been a little bit hard to keep up it’s got a map in it so I just call it Maps. The Google Maps section we know we’re talking about here. So we’re going to skip over that for now but that except to say that that is also a very good place to be and it’s inexpensive, as far as hiring somebody to help get you there or you can take care of it yourself you can learn how to do it and just make sure that your Maps page is in good shape and that you don’t have conflicts.

What we’re really talking about when we say organic search is this section of ten down here where you are hoping to come up ahead of your competition, for the searches that matter, commercially viable in high volume. And I started with this section only because probably the same bias that causes people to think that they’re entitled to search results or that the ads don’t matter, this is what we think about when we talk about doing a Google search or going to Google, something you want to get, something here that Google’s algorithm generates as their value proposition this is why they’re valuable they give you they give you the real data or their software attempts to. So you get this section of ten here now I’m going to take you to another page just to show you in contrast, I searched in this tab here for koala bear and in this section koala bear now that’s not commercially viable search typically people are not wanting to buy a koala bear they want to learn about a lot of times that kind of search generates first result is a Wikipedia result and then over here to the right you see you see the pictures of the koala bear so you’re going to learn about so we’ll call that the koala bear search. Different ballgame not interested in that you still have what it has in common is that you still have these 10 search results here, organic search results here.

So what I’d like you to do as your takeaway is to do a couple of searches you might have already done some that you think are commercially viable for your business or other businesses and see what comes up and then do some searches about things that you’re interested in and you’ll be surprised at the different the variations of Google search results pages. I just recently was looking for a hand edger and when I do a search for a hand edger I probably should have queued one up here you’re going to get product pictures so that’s a commercial search but it’s not going to give me a Maps page per se. There are not edger stores there’s Lowe’s and Home Depot and so on. Google is a living breathing entity like the koala bear, it changes, it’s not set in stone you don’t have an entitlement, if you are king of a particular hill say first particular search term or series of terms you’re not going to stay there not necessarily. So a couple of things to learn about the Google search results page there this ten is what we typically talk about organically. It’s not necessarily the best by the way of the commercial options let me go back over here let’s go back to our three sections. It’s not necessarily the place to start I just started there because that’s what we think of when we talk about a Google search.


Updated: 10/25/2023

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