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At WordwrightWeb, our team of web designers create functional, visually stunning websites that exceed client expectations each and every time. We can create custom websites from scratch or we can use website templates for a simpler (and less costly) website. Either way, we build websites specifically with your needs, goals and vision in mind and driven by the purpose of growing your business or organization. Our web design skills have been tested with numerous complex websites with very specific needs and functionalities. If you have a challenging project on your hands, please call us. We love a good challenge!

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Your Website Should Make You Money

Better ROI from Strong Web DesignWe are a web design company with the focus of delivering results and your website is big part of making that happen. You should not look at your website as an expense that is “just a part of doing business.” Your website should make money for your business. It should provide a positive ROI and, to at least some degree, help you grow your business and reach clients and customers you would not ordinarily reach. It is also not a set and forget marketing tool. It does need regular attention. Remember, it is the face of your business on the internet. We don’t see the website build as just one project that has to be completed (and neither should you). We view it as an opportunity to grow your business.

Easy to Edit Web Design in Wilmington NC | WordPress CMSWebsite Design That’s Easy to Edit

Your website should not be a static creation that only a computer programmer can edit. We create websites so you can quickly and easily change them say they are up-to-date. The content management system for your website will be easy to use, and we provide a hands-on tutorial to get you started. Not only is updated and fresh content important for your website visitors, but it is crucial for superior search engine performance. WordPress is the most popular platform for websites these days and they offer a content management system that is extremely easy to edit even for a novice.

WordPress Website Design

We work most frequently with the WordPress platform for many reasons. In addition to it being easy to edit by our customers and marketers (who may not be programmers), it offers the most options when it comes to templates and plugins that give your website the look and functionality that you are looking for. WordPress is also customizable, so we can also do a lot of programming within the platform to provide someone with a custom website if that is necessary.

e-Commerce Web Design

Good e-Commerce Web Design Means more MoneyWebsites in which you highlight and sell products can be tricky. Just the shopping cart alone can be a challenge to configure so that all the pricing is correct, the money is received and the shipping is done correctly. It is certainly a challenge to build a proper functioning e-Commerce website. Don’t leave that in the hands of someone without a track record. We have extensive experience developing e-Commerce websites so that not only do they look amazing, but they offer easy navigation by the shopper and ease of check-out. It is critical for an e-Commerce website create the proper sales funnel for customers. If your e-Commerce website is hard to shop, and hard to purchase, then it will be hard for you to make any sales. Not only do we have experience with the design and development of e-Commerce websites, but our marketing team has experience working with those websites to improve sales.

Results-Driven Web Design and Development

We are a custom web design company with the focus of delivering results. A WordwrightWeb designed site highlights your message and is easily navigated by your visitors so they quickly find what they are looking for and return again and again. We have a long history of working with the businesses and organizations in the greater Wilmington, NC area to tackle the internet marketplace and make it an avenue for growth rather than something to fear.

We love new ideas and new challenges, so get in touch with us today and tell us what you envision for the development and growth of your business.