Mobile Websites

Mobile Website Design in Wilmington, NC, Raleigh, NC and Surrounding Areas

More and more consumers are turning to their mobile devices when seeking out information, goods and services online. WordwrightWeb takes this into consideration when developing a web design strategy for your site so you don’t miss out on all those mobile device searches. Specific considerations must be taken into account to effectively adapt a site for mobile use. We have the team and experience to do it. Whether you are building a new site or redesigning an existing site, we can adapt a mobile version of your website to allow smart phone and tablet users easy access to the information they need while they are on the go.

Mobile Responsive websites


As of early 2015, nearly half of the people browsing the web are doing so from a mobile device. That percentage is growing every day.

Adaptive Design

For most business professionals, an adaptive design approach is the right answer. Since these can be created even for existing websites, you should contact your web professional today for the upfit.

See it in action

Slowly shrink your screen by dragging the corner inward (lower right for a Mac, upper right for a PC). You'll see the page change. The website adapts to the size of the window on which it's being viewed.