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In today’s digital landscape, mobile devices are the go-to tool for information, products, and services.  Having a mobile website for your Wilmington, NC business  in 2024 is absolutely crucial to getting found online.  In fact, Google now analyzes your website’s functionality and performance from a mobile standpoint, rather than a desktop. Poor mobile usability can severely limit your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) potential. At WordwrightWeb, we embrace this shift and ensure your web design strategy reflects it.  We won’t let you miss out on website traffic from users on any device who are seeking your products and services.

Crafting a mobile website isn’t just a checkbox, it’s an art.  We bring the expertise and the team to master this craft.  Whether you’re launching a new website or revamping an existing site, we’ll seamlessly adapt it to be responsive on all devices.  This will provide on-the-go users with effortless access to the information they crave, and strengthen your online presence potential.  Contact us for all of your mobile website needs in Wilmington, NC today!

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As of 2024, almost 60% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. That percentage is growing daily!

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Responsive Design

For most business professionals, a responsive design approach is the right answer. We can create these for new and existing websites. Contact us today to give your site a much-needed facelift!

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Slowly shrink your screen by dragging the corner inward (lower right for a Mac, upper right for a PC). You'll see the page change. The website adapts to the size of the window on which it's being viewed.