No Mobile Friendly-Website for Your Business?

No mobile-friendly website for your business?
Your customers wish you had one

Someone accessing the internet through a smartphone is nothing new. The entire United States population owns and uses smartphones to access the internet. Although a little exaggerated (not everyone owns a smartphone of course!), more and more people are choosing to go with a smartphone because of their features and the cheaper data packages offered by network providers. It doesn’t stop at smartphones either. Tablets are another device that is becoming just as popular as smartphones. If more consumers are using their phones and tablets to look at websites, then the question you must ask yourself is: “What does my website look like from their point of view through these devices?”

Believe it or not, your website is not 100% showing up the way it does on a desktop or laptop.  In fact, there might be information or pages that are not showing up at all. Or, your site looks messy and is hard to navigate. With everyone always on the go these days, being able to use internet devices at any given moment is becoming the norm. Websites that are not programmed to be mobile-friendly will frustrate viewers and might push them away from ever visiting your website again. If you want to maintain your customer base and keep them happy, then you are going to have to jump onto the mobile-friendly bandwagon.

The perks of a mobile-friendly website

When you decide that your website should go mobile, you’re receiving some fantastic perks that cannot be obtained on a traditional website. Here are some benefits for your customers, and for you as well!


A person using their smartphone may be viewing your business and come across a hyperlink that you placed on your website. By clicking on the link, their phone will give them the option of a click to call your business or add your business to their address book.

Download speed

Smartphones are designed for speed. If you have a mobile version of your website, consumers looking through will be able to browse quicker and not have to wait on slow loading pages.

Identity & competitive edge

Mobile-friendly websites are only just beginning to become popular. Be that business that stands out from the rest of your competitors by having a mobile website. Consumers will see that your business is staying right on top of modern trends and in return, gives you a great, positive image.


Does your business use pay-per-click advertising? Invest some of your time into mobile advertising, which is a growing feature. With mobile advertising, you can now capture a huge audience that you cannot target through your traditional website. 

If you would like to learn more about mobile-friendly websites and the designing process, get in touch with us or give us a call at (910) 452-6345.  We can develop a mobile design plan to fit your goals and budget.


Updated: 10/26/2023

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