Kent Milholland

The phrase Kent used to describe himself as the solutions architect was “jack of all trades, master of none.” He works with everything to try and find the piece that fits the puzzle making things work smoothly again. He had grown up in Waverly, TN a small town west of Nashville. In his opinion, it is just another sleepy little town.

Kent attended the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked in the oil and gas business as an engineer with the same company for 13 years starting in Houston, TX, and transferring to Charleston, WV. It is there where he met his wife. She found a job in Wilmington and Kent moved with the business he started as a software developer. They moved in 2006 and Kent ended up selling his business in 2013. He has been doing freelance work since then.

Kent became a part of our team in January 2015 and wears many hats as the solutions architect. He is a very tall man who has an 11-year-old taller than Michael Byrd, the owner here. Kent is very involved in his son’s life as he keeps a busy schedule with coaching sports, especially basketball. Frequently they can be spotted at the beach. He may be tall, but Kent also claims to be graceful through fluid movements of tai chi.

We have another world traveler on our hands! Kent has been to England, Japan, and Canada as well as all over the United States, especially around the Appalachian. He went as far north as Maine and south to Texas of course (but can he line dance!?). Out west, Seattle brought about a rare opportunity for breakfast once, a 12-egg omelet only to be accompanied by a giant cinnamon roll.

One day, He hopes to make enough money to start a private education system or get involved with the next big internet startup. Workwise, he is a good translator, communicating with the techs and explaining to others. That comes in handy here at WordWright and on a side note,  we’d love to try some of your cooking!

Updated: 10/26/2023

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