Don’t Turn a Blind Eye on Bing Ads


Don’t Turn a Blind Eye On Bing Ads



Google is the world’s most popular search engine. We know that; we use it daily and manage several Google Adwords accounts. BUT, we manage accounts through Bing Ads too, and we are not stopping that any time soon. To most people, Google Adwords is where all the time and money should be invested because that is where the most potential customers are going to be reached. Well, we certainly don’t argue with the amount of reach, but have you ever stopped to consider that Bing Ads can bring you additional business by reaching an entirely different audience, such as people who don’t use Google? Bing Ads may not be anywhere near the front runner of PPC marketing, but they do match very well up against Google Adwords in terms of features and tools.


Campaign Transfers


So you have a Google Adwords campaign running, but  you’re thinking that creating it all over again in Bing Ads will waste time (and it’s just plain annoying to do). Good thing Bing Ads lets you copy and paste. That’s right! Any Google Adwords campaign can easily be imported into Bing Ads in a matter of minutes. What’s your excuse now?


ReportsPPC Marketing Management Wilmington NC - Bing Ads Reports


Google Analytics offers a lot of data about the audience it's driving to click ads, but so does Bing. Bing Ads have a reporting tab that allows users run every type of report imagined, and all reports can be segmented into analyzing specific campaigns or ad groups. Every report is saved and organized, starting with the most recent one that was run. It’s so easy to go back and look between previous reports for quick comparisons.




If you use Google Adwords, think about your cost-per-clicks. Depending on the type of business you’re in, you might have to bid almost $20 on your keywords to get a higher ranking and outbid your competition. That’s a lot of money to get one click! Since Bing Ads has less traffic than Google, there isn’t as much competition to outbid others for that first page rank. For some of our clients, the highest CPCs we have ever had were almost $5 and the lowest $0.78. Seventy-eight cents! You don’t see that too often on Google Adwords. Bing Ads is a great choice for businesses that are on a tighter budget and money conscious.


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Ad Extensions

Call extensions, site-link extensions and location extensions in your ads can result in higher click-thru-rates, traffic and conversions. Using call extensions allows PPC managers to track how many mobile viewers see an ad, and immediately “click to call” the number listed. Not having that extension available on Bing Ads was a big disadvantage and major gain for Google Adwords. Bing finally implemented call extensions as an option at the end of 2013 – and it was a good move on them!


Give Bing Ads a Chance


Whether you currently use Google Adwords, or are interested in getting your business into pay-per-click marketing, explore your options and consider Bing Ads. Remember, not everyone uses Google. So, take advantage of that audience because many Adwords users do not.


Want some help setting up your campaign? Or, maybe you need someone to manage it for you? We are certified PPC professionals that know how to get your business traffic and leads. Give us a call at 910-338-5802 or get in touch with us by filling out our contact form.


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