4 more ways to make your website work for you

4 more ways to make your website work for you

Here are four more things you can do to make your website work for you – and make you (more) money:

1. Use testimonial quotes. Many of the websites we create include an editable database that allows you to add quotes from happy customers. Over the course of a few months, you’d be surprised how many times you’ll get the random email, or some nice words that are part of an email or Instant Message (IM) chat. Pull the words out, ask the subject if you can use them, and add them to your site.

A testimonial quote can appear on every page of your site – but especially the Home page. A new quote can appear when the page is refreshed. Or you can have a new quote appear every 10-15 seconds automatically. Sharp quotes catch the eye, and say much more about you than you can say about yourself. The impact is even greater if the quoted person, or their organization, is known in the community.

2. Sign up for Google Analytics. It’s free, and you’ll be amazed at all of the statistics you’ll be able to see. It will tell you how many people are coming, which pages they’re finding, how long they stay, from which page they most often exit, how they’re finding you, and much more. With only a small amount of knowledge, you can add Google Analytics to even the most primitive website. It’s easy to use also.

3. Sign up for Google Ads. Does it sound like I work for Google? I don’t, but you just can’t beat their tools for most users. Google Ads is the reason Google is the monster success that it is today – because Google Ads works. Consider:

  • you don’t have to spend much money – $50 a month if you’d like
  • you’re only paying for real clicks to your site
  • you can use Google Ads tools to see which search terms people actually use to find what your company offers. This knowledge is priceless when optimizing your site for “organic” (free) search results
  • you can “be at the top of Google” (an almost laughably vague description, btw) by simply outbidding the competition. And Google’s own tools will tell you what the other bids are. Not many auctions will do that for you!

4. Add something new to your site today (I hope your site is editable with a place for news or blog entries). It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, but the very act of changing your site makes it worth more to the search engine scanning software known as spiders and robots, or “bots.”

— Michael Byrd



Updated: 10/30/2023

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