The Power of Google Paid Ads Using Google Adwords

The Power of Google Paid Ads Using Google Adwords
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More than ever, businesses are looking for ways to “study” potential customers through means of marketing tools. However, when Google Ads is suggested, mixed emotions arise. Google Ads has tremendous benefits for businesses, and there are plenty of success stories to back up such a statement. So, why do so many people shy away from this marketing opportunity?

“People Do Not Click On Google Ads”

Who has not heard somebody say this before? Maybe you have thought this to be true as well. Before jumping to conclusions, let’s prove why this statement is a myth and give some positive kudos to what Google Ads can do for businesses.

If you are an avid Google user, then you have noticed that Google Ads are taking over search engine results pages. Despite the increase in ads, you would think that people still overlook them and scroll past them. According to Word Stream Research, “Google sponsored ads account for 64.6% of clicks for those looking to buy an item online.” Organic clicks still outnumber paid clicks overall, but a very large number of searchers (potential customers) are clicking on those sponsored ads, and where it matters (those ready to buy) the paid ads are taking control. How are sponsored ads reaching that high of a percentage? It’s a matter of keyword searches. 

Keyword Searches Determine What a Searcher Clicks

Say someone searches “buy top freezer refrigerator.” This person has a high intent on buying this commercialized item. Compare it to someone searching “history of the refrigerator.” This person is only looking for general information. People who search with the intention of buying a product or service using high commercial keywords/phrases are clicking on paid, Google ads. As a result, paid ads are unmistakably beating out searchers clicking on free, organic listings.

Ad Benefits to Businesses

Google is continually bettering the format of paid ads, and that means businesses can target potential customers better and bring in more of the most qualified traffic. Here are just a few examples of what paid ads can do for a business using Google Ads:

– Google places paid ads at the bottom of the page to capture searchers’ attentions before heading to the next page.

– Links to other pages within a website can be included in text ads, showing searchers more of what you offer and more opportunities to catch the eye of a potential customer.

– If a website is mobile friendly, a phone number can be included in the ad – searchers can “click-to-call” and get in touch with the business immediately.

 – An address and phone number can be displayed to get local searchers to a business faster.

Time For Results

Using Google Ads is a great way for businesses to get into the minds of their potential customers and create ads that will fulfill customers wants/needs. If you are ready to try out Google Ads and discover the potential of Google ads, then give WordwrightWeb a call at (910) 452-6345 or send us a message through our Contact Form.

We can work with you to create effective Google Ads Campaigns with influencing ads.

BONUS: Word Stream Research created a wonderful infographic that easily breaks down and explains the “battle” between paid search ads and free, organic ads. After taking a look at this informational graphic, do you believe us now about the power of those Google Ads? 

 This research was brought to you by the Google Ads certified experts from WordStream.



Updated: 10/30/2023

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