WordwrightWeb can upgrade your Joomla website to the newest version or migrate your site to another platform like WordPress!

Joomla Migration and Upgrade

If you have a Joomla website and want to move forward, you have found the right company. WordwrightWeb is not only a top Joomla developer, we are a full-service web development and online marketing company based entirely in the United States, Eastern Time Zone.


For your Joomla website, we can:

  •   perform any upgrade you need, from any Joomla version to current
  •   work with custom (Photoshop) or pre-fab Joomla templates
  •   create a new custom template or use a new Joomla template
  •   work with and modify as needed any extensions, modules, plugins, components or other add-on software
  •   port and streamline associated databases
  •   make your site secure
  •   guarantee no downtime
  •   work quickly – we can get started this week
  •   compete on price. We usually beat the prices we’ve seen quoted from other reputable providers
  •   provide a quick, free estimate


If those reasons aren’t enough, consider these. We can also:

  •   provide business-class hosting for your website. This means we answer the phone and your question or issue without waiting and without “trouble tickets”
  •   rebuild your site in WordPress, Magento or other platform if you prefer
  •   manage your domain names
  •   handle email associated with all of your domain names
  •   help you and your business make money. This means paid and organic search results, without contracts
  •   manage your social media

We partner with you to help you become even more successful!


Updated: 10/26/2023

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