Time To Update Your SEO Strategies

Time to Update Your SEO Strategies

Last fall, Google introduced it’s newest update- the Hummingbird algorithm. Hummingbird worked its way in so subtly, that users did not even notice until Google announced its update a month later. Now that this new algorithm is in place, business owners must understand that Hummingbird is the creation of the ever-growing, ever-learning Google search engine. In order to have a thriving SEO website ranking, businesses cannot solely rely on keywords and their rankings for success. It’s time to have a lesson in Hummingbird, and what it can do for your SEO if you understand it properly.

Conversational Tone is Key

As more people search with their mobile phones, the option of using voice powered searches is becoming popular. People tend to speak or type questions in a more casual tone, which Google has tremendously picked up on. The SEO purpose of Hummingbird is to interpret internet searchers by their “conversational tone,” rather than just a string of keywords. Hummingbird is looking into the meanings behind the words. It is paying attention and taking into account the search query as a whole (the conversation/ meaning) instead of the individual words. Hummingbird is going to display pages that have the most relevant information to a searcher’s query. If there are multiple relevant pages that match the search query, then Hummingbird will  make sure it  shows the strongest page in relevance to the search.

For example, before Hummingbird, if Google read the search query “flu-virus prescriptions,” it would show pages listing prescriptions that may or may not deal with the flu-virus (finding pages about prescriptions and finding pages about the flu). Now, it will bring up pages that have specific details on treatments for the flu-virus and if a perscription is even needed.



Quality Website Content

With the new way Google is looking at the way people search for information, it’s time to make an SEO adjustment. For business owners, this means that the new goal for good website SEO is having pages that match the entire meaning of a search query, and not  just match a few words. This does not mean that you should stop gathering keyword ranking data completely, rather, expand upon it. The focus of website content needs to be on its quality, not the quantity. Short, detailed content that targets and answers what your customers are seeking for can be just as, or more effective, than long paragraphs that have specific keywords repeatedly scattered about with no relevance to the answers people are looking for. 


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