Target your internet marketing efforts: social media

Target your internet marketing efforts: social media

As with any method of marketing, the key to efficiency and effectiveness is to target your message to those who may be interested and put that message in a place where they can easily find it. It is no different with internet marketing and, luckily, there are a number of cost-effective methods to do so.

It is no secret the power of social media in our culture, but social media offers much more than just the chance to catch up with old high school buddies. It allows large and small businesses alike to reach more people and do so cheaply. Effective use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allows marketers and business owners to target consumers and instantly send out focused marketing messages.

Target your market

Those who “Like” you on Facebook, subscribe to your Twitter feeds, and are your connections on LinkedIn, are those who are interested in your product or service. Depending upon the type of business or organization you have, they may make up a large percentage of your target market, and they are waiting to hear from you.

As you set up Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, go through your client and email lists and send out invitations to become a part of your network. Add Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buttons on your company website so visitors can quickly visit and become a part of your group. This initial group can then increase your reach further through referrals. Those that are happy are likely to recommend you to others, which require them to only click on a button, thus adding more interested customers within reach of your marketing message.

Deliver the message

Once you have your targeted market ready to listen, it is now time to get the message out. Updates through your social media channels provide instant information for those interested consumers and allow you to interact with them through comments and replies. The more chances you have to connect and interact with your customers and potential customers, the more successful you can be at keeping existing clients and adding new ones.

Social media marketing is much more than just setting up your profiles. Update your pages with upcoming events, specials and relevant news topics. It also helps to offer special deals and incentives to those who “Like” you on Facebook or “Connect” with you on LinkedIn. It is much cheaper to hype a special or upcoming event through social media than it is with a billboard, TV commercial or print ad. This is not to say you should abandon traditional advertising channels, but adding in online social media marketing efforts can add to your reach and increase that all-important bang for your buck.

Getting your business or organization involved in social media is certainly important to adapting to the new marketplace. There are few options that offer so many opportunities to connect with your consumers. The WordwrightWeb team is happy to answer any questions you may have about expanding your internet marketing reach using these vastly popular social media channels. Get in touch with us today if you would like to learn more.


Updated: 10/09/2023

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