Simon says “Reinvent. Now’s the time!”

Author and speaker Simon Sinek inspires his team and the rest of us to reinvent our jobs in our new economy

Reinvent. Pivot. Recast your business. Here’s another slant on a timely idea

Simon Sinek, a well-known author and public speaker, gave an inspirational talk recently to his team of about 15 people. Things are always changing, and you always have to be ready, he says. This moment right now is no different, it’s just more obvious. (You might recall that I said similar things in my video on March 23. Of course, Mr. Sinek probably says it better, and he has a much bigger audience!).

I have included Mr. Sinek’s video above. I have also taken the video transcript from YouTube and summarized it below, in case you’d rather read. (Did you know that all YouTube videos have a transcript attached to them?)

Mr. Sinek has a unique style that millions of people find inspirational. His reference to “the infinite mindset” is explained in his other videos, but you get it. Others call it “possibility thinking.” I think in terms of the blank page. Given what you have in front of you, and the fact that you can only live your life from this moment going forward, how will you arrange it? Forget about all of the sunk costs. They are sunk! Anyway, here’s Simon Sinek:

These are not unprecedented times

There are many cases or lists of cases where change or something unexpected has put many companies out of business and made other companies come out stronger and reinvent themselves. The invention of the internet put many, many companies out of business — the ones who could not reinvent their companies for the Internet age but rather doubled down on the old way they did business.

Every video store is out of business because of streaming, and they couldn’t reinvent themselves. When Starbucks moved into neighborhoods many coffee shops went out of business — not because of Starbucks but because they refused to change the way they did business. They still had an old ripped up couch when somebody else had a better product.

Uber is putting taxi companies out of business, not because it’s Uber. It’s because the taxis refused to change.

This is not unprecedented. Is this more sudden? Absolutely. Is this more shocking? Absolutely, without a doubt.

But this is not unprecedented in the business world. And so for us to say not “How do we do what we’re doing,” but rather “How will we do what we’re doing in a different world?” And the world is different.

The companies that have been investing in “will” and have had an infinite mindset for a long time will come out of this stronger because they’re prepared. Many of them were saving money as opposed to giving out huge fat bonuses to everybody and spending all the money. The will of their people is high to figure out a way through it.

The ones that are struggling the most are the ones that spent all of their money, saved nothing, appeased Wall Street; and the will of their people is low. Those people are in survival mode rather than reinvention mode.

The companies with an infinite mindset are in reinvention mode. The companies with the finite mindset are in survival mode, regardless of how much money they have. It’s the mindset “How are we gonna get through this?” vs “How are we gonna change to get through this.”

So I feel so optimistic because we’re thinking about the future. We’re in a dark tunnel but there’s a light over there. I don’t know how far away that light is but I can see it. We’re in darkness now but when we come out of there we will have a better train, a different train. We will be a completely different business. Some of us will have different jobs by the time we get out of this and that’s our opportunity.

The opportunity is “What will we be?” not “How do we to preserve what we had?”

I’m watching a team go through it right now and watching people reinvent themselves.

I’m watching people think about their jobs differently, thinking How can I contribute in a new way?

We are a living example of the stuff that I’m talking about. We’re not allowing Uber to put us out of business. We’re not allowing Starbucks to put us out of business. We’re not allowing the internet to put us out of business. We’ll reinvent ourselves.

This is not unprecedented. This has happened many, many, many times in business. This was just a little more sudden.

I know a hot fine-dining company in New York City. He’s figured out a way to become a delivery company. All of his people have kept their jobs because they have different jobs now. If you think you’re gonna do the same job and you’re waiting, like if you’re a public speaker who was waiting for this to get through so you can go stand on a stage, I got some bad news. That ship has sailed.

This is a huge wake-up call for us. We had the luxury of being lazy, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. There was no reason to reinvent when we’re drinking from a firehose. But now the opportunity is magical. I’m thinking How do I put myself out there without a stage? This is entirely new for me as well.

Here’s the best thing: you don’t have to do it alone. We’ve got each other’s backs. We’ll help each other.

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Updated: 10/25/2023

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