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The number-one thing you can do to improve the success of your website is to fill it with great content. Too many people concern themselves with making the search engines happy and implementing "tricks" rather than focusing on the visitors to the site. The site is for the visitors, and if you are not making them happy by giving them what they need, they will not stay on your site long.

Search engines are geared with the visitors of your site in mind. They want those using their search engine to easily find relevant sites that fit their needs. As search engine complexity has increased, Google and the others have tailored their algorithms to spot the "tricks," the "snake oil" techniques. If you fill your site with great content that is relevant to your products and services, the search engines will find you and put you in front of those visitors and consumers that are actively seeking what you have to offer.

So, what do we mean by great content? Well, that is mostly up to you. You started the website because you have some sort of expertise about a specific topic or product. You know the subject and you know what your consumers want, so there is no need to get fancy. If you write about your subject in an informative, engaging manner, the keywords and phrases that drive SEO will come naturally. You may need to go through the content and tweak, using variations of your keywords and phrases, but that's the small stuff.

A blog or newsletter is a great way to add relevant content to the site. Fill them both with the latest news happening in your industry and you will have timely, relevant content that visitors will want to know about. This keeps visitors coming back to the site to stay informed and it keeps the search engines happy, because new, relevant content is being posted regularly to your site.

By focusing your content around the subject of the site, the search engines will be happy, and your site's position will rise in relevant search engine queries. Your target market will find you and be happy with the available information. Being pleased with what they see, they will be ready to take the next step, and capitalize on what you are selling or offering them.



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