Organic search is a game of king of the hill


The good news is that this game is entirely about what you do for you. You have to do more stuff for your team than your competitors are doing. In many markets and for many industries, this is still relatively easy. More good news: There’s room for more than one website on this hill. You can get good clicks by being anywhere in the top 10, although position 1 is the best, of course. The bad news is that you can’t rest. You don’t have to be frantic, with daily activities, but you can’t stop either. And here’s more good news: The clicks you get with organic search results are free and continue indefinitely.



Afternoon this is Michael Byrd again for WordWrightWeb giving you another video. Some value regarding online search and more specifically ranking in a Google search. When we talk about organic search we’re really talking about a game of king of the hill and when I say organic search I’m really talking about this this third section down here, not the ads, not the map, this third section down here the ten Google results. Thats what you’re what you’re what you’re fighting for from the early days of Google being the predominant search engine.

The game of king of the hill now we remember this as children. We would run up the hill and try to knock off or pull off the person who was at the at the top of the hill – that would be position one in Google. And sometimes it was the biggest or the toughest kid or you could have some teamwork and you could conspire to pull that person off. But the person who is the king of the hill was never assured a comfortable spot it was always in contention. In a Google search results page positions one, two, and three are all good, position four it’s probably good maybe five, just depends obviously you’re beginning to get diminishing returns after that. The difference in the old fashioned game of king of the hill which actually remember seeing on a show called gladiators that was played by very big tough grown ups. The difference in trying to win a Google search result is that what we do with your website and in the search engine optimization (SEO) business is entirely offense.

So in order to become the number one we have to do more of the good things more of the effective things than the person who’s already number one. So in a way it’s kind of like basketball which is primarily offense lot of scoring. So we do lots of lots and lots of stuff and we will advance ahead of whoever’s already there. A couple things to be said about that and about the first thing that the first message in this series was that search results are not an entitlement. Back in the early days of the internet, and obviously the internet’s not that old it was not a part of common life until the year 2000 or 2001 or 2002 and now it is the thing of course. You might have had a sense of entitlement about search results because you could build a website and there you would be. You would show up and that would be that and you might stay there forever. King of the hill but nobody knew about the hill you were on or knew about the hill at all. So you might stay there but it’s not that way anymore you have to be wary of what you’re up against. You can’t play defense so you can’t worry about what the others should do, but you can’t sit still either. You’re not going to just stay there. Especially if you are in a competitive industry and in a competitive geographic area, so geography matters in this context also.

The takeaway for today is for you to do one or two common-sense searches for what you do – home inspections, plumbing, builders. We work with a lot of builders here – lawyers, dentists, whatever it is, dental care if you’re a dentist. And just see who is in those top ten positions. The other thing to look for to just begin educating yourself on Google results is that some of what you’ll see in that top ten are not competitors, they are directories like they might be the Yellow Pages YP. They might be a particular directory for your industry like LexisNexis is big in the legal industry. But you want to see who’s up there. You want to see who’s on the hill and maybe you’re already on the hill too maybe you’re in that top ten. Top ten is really all that matters. You could be on page two and there’s some value in page two because it means you could move to page one but you’re not going to get phone calls or to not enough to count on. Being on page two you need to be in that top ten so do a couple of searches see where you are and come back for the next video thank you Michael Byrd for WordWrightWeb.


Updated: 10/25/2023

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