Make Customers Feel Secure with Online Secure Forms

Make Customers Feel Secure with Online Secure Forms

Even though we are in the midst of everything technology, there is still one thing that people get nervous about – security. When you are on a website and have to fill out a form that includes giving out personal information, you might hear a nagging voice in your head asking “is this safe?,” “where is my information going?” or “how do I know my information is staying secure?” Depending on your business, and if you haven’t already, it might be time to invest in an online secure form.



Who Should Use Secure Forms?

Online secure forms are recommended for businesses that collect private, sensitive information about their customers. This includes credit card details, social security numbers, medical information and legal information. Basically, it’s anything about you that should be kept locked up in your home like in a filing cabinet. You have probably seen online secure forms most commonly on doctor and dentist websites. Some people may question why this information should ever be given out online when it has always been given in-person at a business. The answer to this question, of course, is customer convenience. By filling out the form online and submitting, the business already has your information on file and can get you through that waiting room quicker.

The Secure Form Process


As much as people are beginning to accept filling out personal details online, there is still a matter of trust. If you want your customers to willingly give out sensitive information, you have to prove to them that your online secure forms are 100% secure. To get a secure form, your are required to have a SSL certificate for secure processing. This means paying a yearly fee to have the certificate, but it’s well worth the investment where your customers are concerned. If you are certified, people looking at your website will see the certificate “sticker” and will feel more confident about your intentions when handing their personal information. To ease their minds even further, your can include a message on your website saying that after they submit the form, their information is immediately sent to your database and alerts your office manager with a message. There is nothing wrong with letting your customers know the process if that means they will feel reassured and come back to your website in the future.


Are you ready to put your customers first and have a secure online form on your website? Give WordwrightWeb a call at (910) 452-6345 or send us a message through our contact form. We can work with you to design a professional and easy, fillable secure online form based on your goals and budget.

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