It Might be Time to Update Your Website Design

It Might be Time to Update Your Website Design

Some company websites are updated every month, while others never change for years at a time. Most marketers suggest changing some or all parts of a website every few years – there is no set-in-stone makeover timeline. However, after years of working with clients on editing and re-designing websites, we have picked up on some key factors that clearly highlight when a website is or is going out of date. If you are a business owner and are wondering if your website could use an update, there are a number of questions to ask yourself while examining your site.

Is your website more than five years old?

Although five years may not seem like such an old age, you must keep in mind that technology and styles are always changing. When your website was last updated/first created, it was most likely built with the best software program. There might be a newer program out there that could make your website really stand out. Technology is forever growing and you must keep up. If your design has not changed in many years, viewers notice that and will brand you as a company that does not stay up-to-date with the rest of the world.

Does your website still provide the correct information?

Think about the changes your business has gone through. Do you still provide the same products/services? If your organization has done more or less of certain services since you were first established, your website must reflect that. You can lose out on sales from potential customers looking for products/services you may have, but not say. Or, you can frustrate and lose customers who see you may offer something on your website, only to find out in person or on the phone that you do not offer what they are looking for anymore.

What do your competitors’ websites look like?

Comparing your website to your competition is a great way to see if you are still matching up against them. When was the last time they updated their sites? If you haven’t updated your website in a while, you may notice features on their sites that make you take a second and third envious look. You must keep up with your competition, or else they will have a much easier time attracting and taking away your customers.

Where are you finding your website in search engines?

Search for your services (not your website name) and see where you are standing in searches. If you do not see your website in the first 30 spots, then a website re-design may be in order. If you find your website is falling behind in rank, it could be a couple of different things. Are your website pages too broad in topic? You may need to reorganize or rewrite your pages to better feature your products and services. Is your site still loading correctly and you can navigate to all your pages? When page links become broken, viewers will see your website as too hard to navigate through and will stop visiting, negatively impacting your SEO (search engine optimization) performance. 

Are you just not happy when you look through your site?

If you are not happy with how your website looks, then you know others aren’t impressed either. No matter how amazing your website might have looked when it was first launched/updated, it’s only a matter of time until you’re itching to see a change. It’s no different than wanting to move around furniture in your living room!

Is it your company’s time for a website update? Don’t fret – we have designers that work with your business needs and ideas to make up-to-date website designs your customers are going to love. Don’t wait a second longer! Give us a call at 910-452-6345 or get in touch with us through our contact form.


Updated 10/26/2023

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