How do you stack up against your competitors? Do a search and see!

If you are on the first page of results, that’s great. But whether you’re on Page 1 or not, you might be interested to see which of your competitors are there also. And you’ll find another type of result among the 10 – directories. Are they important? Should you care? And what about the neighboring communities – are they an opportunity for you? Find out by watching.



Good afternoon Michael Byrd here with WordWrightWeb, or good morning, or good evening whenever you’re listening to this. Its afternoon here we’re in Wilmington North Carolina. I’m giving you my ideas and my help and my education. Hopefully it’s good education on search and on online marketing. And how you can win in a search, how you can understand it, how you can do it yourself, how you can have it done and be able to purchase services intelligently, and why it’s important to know the concepts. It’s important to know the territory.

We talked last time about the three sections of a Google search results page in the case of a commercial search. You are looking for something and a certain kind of provider will have that for you and there of course are commercial searches that don’t come up with three sections and I gave an example of looking for a particular product that would be in a store that has all kinds of products searching for an edger. But if I’m looking, for I’m going to use the example today of attorneys. And we do a lot of attorney websites and marketing for attorneys in Wilmington and surrounding areas. We’ve got some attorneys outside of the market. Attorneys are hit up a lot by directories and I’m going to talk today about directories but again we’re going to take this one step at a time we don’t have to get into a huge hurry.

In the last video we probably came to the limits of how much I could do with the screen back there so we’re going to try the picture-in-picture thing here using QuickTime on my Macintosh in a little bit of iMovie in and blend those two together. So if you’ll hang off for just a second there’s going to be a an awkward delay right here but not to be that awkward but let’s just let’s just do the screen recording aha, here it is screen recording. Okay now we’re going to switch over I’m going to get them both there we go starts the screen recording okay here we are.

Alright let’s say with attorneys there’s a lot of specialization you can look for just an attorney but usually when you have a problem that requires an attorney you’ve got a particular problem and in this case you’ve got a speeding ticket pretty common. I get a speeding ticket about once every three and a half years which is about how often you can get one and just have it go away, by taking the class or you can hire an attorney. I should probably speed more often since we work for attorneys, I like speeding.

But anyway let’s say I’m an attorney in Wilmington and one of the specialties in my attorney firm is I’m going to do speeding tickets. It’s a good way to make money and when somebody has a speeding ticket they may very often go to go to a Google prompt and look for a speeding ticket attorney. One comment about this search – speeding ticket attorney Wilmington North Carolina – I might have mentioned in a previous video that you don’t have to type in or the person looking for you if you’re the attorney would not have to type in Wilmington North Carolina if I’m sitting right here in Wilmington North Carolina or if the person with the speeding ticket is in Wilmington North Carolina. Google knows either from IP address or if you’re searching on your phone with GPS where you are and it’s going to assume your geographic area you can go outside of that by typing in another community. So either search here would have gotten the same thing speeding ticket attorney or speeding ticket attorney Wilmington North Carolina. Alright so I’ve done the search here are my results. We’re going to skip the ads these this is an ad you see it’s an ad right there that says ad right there we’re going to skip that. We’re going to skip the Maps section for now. We’re going to look at the ten we’ll call this video scanning the ten there’s a one major thing I want you to with us several things I want you to take away here. But for the most part what we want to do for the moment is we want to count your competitors and we want to count the other thing that shows up in this first ten results. We’re going to start counting now the first one lawyers got If you’re an attorney, you know that FindLaw is all over you to sign a contract and get on their program which is website search results etc. Here’s another one does the same thing AVVO they give you no top lawyer ratings and nice plaques to go in your office and these things seem to mean something they can be good marketing tactics. There’s another directory but so far we have directories – we have two directories no competitors, Justia if that’s how you pronounce that that is a competitor. Here’s the first attorney firm Deaver law Traffic offense lawyers Wilmington North Carolina Deaver and Deaver, by the way I said we work with a lot of attorneys this is one of ours. We’ve not done any brilliant SEO for them but they just happened to be here because we did their website a long time ago. Can’t go back in time but one way to have good search results is to have a website that you created a while ago. Google favors that over brand-new websites. Second one Girdwood that’s also one of ours it’s not why I picked this one but there you go that’s what happens. Okay so we have two attorneys we have what did I count before three directories let’s just count the attorneys one two, Wilmington that that is most likely protect your legal that is an attorney website. I’m not going to click on an attorney website and they just picked the name protection legal Three attorneys Woody White law that is not one of ours that is four attorneys. That’s David Collins I actually know that person and that is an attorney website not one of our clients but know them. Speaks law firm all right so we have six we have six attorneys by default we have four directories, don’t count these ads down here at the bottom.

Alright now what I want to want to say about that is that if you’re one of the attorneys that’s not in this batch of six here you’ve got a pretty good chance of competing. If you do a good job with your website you can bump a directory off the page, a directory is sort of are kind of like weeds in a way they sort of fill in if you’re not doing the other hard work now. This certain other search I want to show you is this one and I have queued up in a nearby community. Leland North Carolina outside of Wilmington not nearly as large let’s look and see what we have there and there’s a couple things I want to say about that. Okay one directory two directories this time I’m going to count directories three four and I’m sorry four, well now we have actually more attorneys. Okay well sometimes being in a neighboring community can give you a competitive advantage because there’s not as much competition and you can get search results for communities that are not your immediate community, neighboring communities are an opportunity there. So we have directories we have actual competition and I’m going to say more about that but you can just you get a lay of the land and get that top six. So your takeaway is to type a common sense search for the main thing that you do and see what comes up in this first 10 let’s see if you come up in there and see which competitors are coming up and we’re going to say more about that in directories and the statistics about who is winning the game here. So that is our video today scan the tenth try search in your community and try a search in the neighboring community.


Updated: 10/25/2023

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