Create a successful landing page that will make conversions

Create a successful landing page that will make conversions

There is a great deal of confusion about what a landing page is and even more about what makes a successful landing page. By definition, a landing page is the first page that a visitor lands on when visiting the website. In marketing terms, a landing page is a page to which visitors are specifically funneled to generate higher conversion rates.

Most people would guess that a landing page is any web page someone might “land” on when browsing the web. Though we will not argue that it is a type of web page, a landing page only serves one sole purpose: to entice its audience into making a decision. Although fillable forms are a common thing to use, landing pages can do much more. Depending on the objectives of a business, landing pages can also be used to generate phone calls and even online purchases.

Elements of a landing page

Imagine yourself on Google, searching for information about help on selling your home. You notice an ad that may answer your question and you click it.

For a landing page to be successful, it must include certain key features that will draw its audience to find out more. This example could receive many conversions because it has:

  • A strong headline
  • Clear, sub-headlines addressing specific points
  • A testimonial that builds viewer trust
  • A call to action that stands out
  • Limited links so a viewer does not become distracted
  • Variation of colors and images

Remember, a landing page must overall provide two things to an audience:

1. Delivering a promise that is relevant to that person

2. Enticing an action

Landing pages are an absolute key to increasing conversions. A good landing page can double conversion rates and do so cheaply. Sometimes, even small tweaks to a landing page can increase conversion rates by a couple percentage points, adding a great deal to your bottom line.

We design outstanding landing pages

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Updated: 10/26/2023

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