What is Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing, or content marketing, is a relatively new (at least, in 2019) marketing strategy focused on attracting visitors and generating leads by producing and providing them with valuable content relevant to the product or service that you are offering them. This revolutionary approach to marketing is representative of the evolution of both technology and the modern consumer.

Modern consumers are bombarded with advertisements constantly in almost everything that they do. TV commercials, radio ads, pop-ups, cold calls, etc.; these are all outdated methods of interruption-based advertising that make up the outbound marketing paradigm. The modern consumer has grown weary of these tactics and has been conditioned to ignore and avoid them at all costs. This has made it more difficult for businesses that fail to adapt to get their message out and increase their revenue, regardless of the quality of their product or service.

In response, marketers have had to adjust their techniques and adapt to the changing landscape by finding new ways to attract traffic and generate leads in an organic way, without the consumer feeling like, or noticing, that they are being marketed to. To solve that problem, marketing professionals have had to shift the focus away from the old-school way of doing business to a modern, customer-centric approach of creating noteworthy, valuable content that identifies an issue relevant to their product or service, and provides insight and information related to that issue and how their product or service provides the solution.

As an example, think about the last time you wanted to buy something that you didn’t have a lot of knowledge about. You probably didn’t wait to see a commercial and then call up a sales guy. You probably jumped on the web and started researching the product or service you needed, learning about the different options you had, and making an informed decision to buy after you had sufficient information. That act of researching and exploring your options before you make your purchasing decision is called the “buyer’s journey”. The goal of inbound marketing is to become a part of that journey and help guide the customer in their purchasing decision to choose your product or service.

There are three main steps to the modern buyer’s journey: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. Inbound marketing can help you reach your customers at every stage of this journey. Once the buyer is made aware of an issue and has a need for a solution, you can help them identify and understand the specifics of the problem, the different options for a solution, and how your product or brand can help make reaching that solution easier and better. You attract and educate the customer with valuable content and build a reputation of being an expert in the field, while at the same time increasing your brand awareness. On the flip side, the customer remains empowered and informed by not feeling like they are directly being sold something and gaining knowledge and understanding from the experts in the field.

Inbound marketing can take many shapes: ebooks, videos, blog posts, infographics, webinars, landing pages, white papers, all of these are inbound marketing techniques in the form of relevant, informative content. It is content provided within the context of your product or service. Adopting an inbound marketing strategy will have a significant and lasting impact on increasing brand awareness, generating and nurturing leads, and overall cost reduction. It will also help to educate and inform your prospects on your product or service and speed up the overall sales process by guiding them towards a purchasing decision.

Inbound marketing is an amazing new strategy that has quickly taken over as one of the most effective modern tactics. It works hand in hand with your other digital marketing efforts by producing quality content to be used for landing pages and increasing your domain authority through the creation of keyword related, topical content. This intermingling of client empowerment, SEO and PPC value, and validation of expertise in your field put inbound marketing at the top of the list of things most modern agencies focus on.

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Updated: 10/25/2023

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