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Everyone remembers learning about colors and the color wheel in elementary school. “Warm” and “cool” colors, anyone? Colors can represent a number of things, and that is when people begin to debate what the meaning and emotion is behind each one. We cannot argue, however, that we all have some type of emotional response to colors. Why else do we all have a certain color, or colors that we are drawn to and say they are our favorites?


If color evokes emotions, then what better way to use that knowledge in designing websites? We have all seen enough websites and have subconsciously or bluntly graded them based on their appearance. So what do graphic designers keep in mind when creating a website? It’s all about the website’s target audience and the message it wants to create for them. Keeping color theory in mind, designers look for colors that will get a reaction out of viewers.


Warm Vs. Cool Colors

Warmer colors, such as red, yellow and orange bring out feelings of delight and enjoyment. For example, back in 2009, the global economy was not in a good place. Companies wanted their customers to remain happy and optimistic while visiting their website, so the color yellow started appearing all over websites. Cooler colors, like blue, green and purple, bring out feelings of reliability, and foundation. Cooler colors are seen on websites designed for corporate companies; websites that look sharp and professional. Search for a local lawyer or bank and you will see their websites in varieties of cool colors.

Combining Colors

Don’t think that websites cannot combine warm and cool colors together and still pull off an effective visual. Remember the color wheel again- opposite colors on the wheel compliment each other. For example, a light blue website may give an emotion of clamness, but paired with it’s complimentary color orange, it could turn the website into a very exciting and upbeat page. What about a website that is much darker in shades of gray? Too much of a darker color like that can make a website look too hard or rigid to the eye. But, if paired with a soft hue of blue or green, then the website becomes more peaceful looking.

Get a Website Design Makeover

Graphic Designers can do a lot to a website when it comes to colors. When designing for a client, however, it is up to the two of them to determine how the company wants to represent themselves to viewers by their color tone. If you are ready for a website makeover, or are ready to create your very first website, work with an experts in graphic design that can discuss with you your visual ideas. Get in touch with us today and we will make your website show stopping!



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