Why business owners should become knowledgeable about online marketing

 I know “content” is all the rage these days. But if you know me and WordwrightWeb, you’ll appreciate our no-nonsense approach. You need to use online marketing and websites to be successful! Don’t neglect marketing to the modern customer or your competition will get your business. Watch this video and visit our page to understand the power of online marketing.



Morning, Michael Byrd again with video number 2 of our series. I’d like to jump in and start with the fundamentals the building blocks of websites search etc the things that are going to help you and get you business. But I thought it might be valuable, and I’m going to try one more why video, why this might be important to you, why you could get excited about the online thing about search. I’ve got two basic reasons why I think this will be important to you it could be important to, you might even get you revved, up and charged up about doing the online thing.

The first is the fact that when people are searching that’s a good lead, with somebody searching and they want to buy from you they have the money in their hand they have the desire they are hunting for you. Well they are hunting for somebody who does what you do. You want to be there you want to show up you want to be in that search in that mix somewhere and you want to make a good impression, good enough impression to get the customer to call you. That’s what we call inbound, and the inbound leads are more than halfway through the process of making the purchase. They’ve got the desire they’re doing research they’re becoming motivated you’re seeing who who’s good who they fit with and so on and you want to be in that mix. So, you don’t have to be a great closer you don’t have to be a great sales organization you just need to have people calling you and coming to see what you do, so you definitely want to get that business. Those are the easy pickings and if you’re not there your competition is getting that business and a lot of people have not even thought about this, they have not even gone and looked to see where the competition is because the competition come up in a search. Oh okay so they’re getting the business, think maybe you should be there too. So missing out that’s the fear piece but the something you should really be excited about get the people who are hot to buy, gotta have that.

The second thing, a little bit more analytical little bit more numbers oriented, is the cost per acquisition. Every method that you use to get a customer has a cost per acquisition. The acquisition cost we call it. And this wasn’t really that apparent to me until I saw a book called buying customers and it’s by Brad Sugars of action coach. You are buying customers whether you whether you think of it that way, whether you’re aware of that or not you are buying customers you’ll buy them with your money, you’re buying it with your time and your effort and your hustle. Usually when you start a business, unless you start out with a lot of money, you get customers with your time and your hustle but you’re still spending. Okay? You’re still buying that customer because time is money every method of getting a customer has an acquisition cost and you should be using a mix of methods. Some people even talk about a 10 by 10 matrix of marketing methods where you’re measuring all of these methods and you are taking out the low performers and you’re putting in other methods and you’re experimenting and you’re A – B testing. But, that first, two, three, four, or five method is not going to move because those are the best methods and the best methods are the ones that have the lowest acquisition cost. You might have different volume of customers you may use some methods that have a higher acquisition cost because you need more volume but you want to get the ones that for lowest acquisition cost, for sure.

So those are two reasons why this is worth your time to become knowledgeable in websites and online marketing, and they do go together. So, the takeaway for today same as the one for yesterday, don’t sign a contract, get eight videos in get 10 videos in, doesn’t cost you anything it costs you a little time, don’t worry about anybody’s deadline some salesperson says so you got to get in there’s no phone book anymore there’s no deadline. So whatever it is contract wise don’t do it, let’s learn some more, let’s get become knowledgeable, become a good customer and then you can make some decisions, Michael Byrd WordwrightWeb.


Updated: 10/25/2023

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