Brian Chandler

Brian is a transplant from New England.  Raised in New Hampshire, he taught himself web coding as a teenager. He was the proud creator of the third highest ranking Simpsons fan site on the internet in 1998, until Fox unleashed their Cease and Desist lawyers after their intellectual property (“Release the Hounds!”). Undeterred, Brian honed his design and programming skills on other projects and freelance work. He earned his Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design at Hesser College where he met his future wife, Jessica.

The pair decided shoveling snow was overrated, so they packed what they could fit into two compact cars and made the trek to Wilmington. Brian attended UNCW where he earned his Bachelor’s by painting pretty pictures. Realizing that painting happy little trees wasn’t going to pay the bills, he set out to find a career in his other lifelong interest, web design. In 2008, he climbed aboard the Wordwright ship. He has a smorgasbord of responsibilities at Wordwright, from design to programming, but his main task is to make sure nothing explodes. So far so good.

When he’s not in front of a computer screen, Brian likes to throw Frisbees at trees (some call it disc golf), or bring down the living room playing Rock Band with his wife.



Updated: 10/30/2023

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