New social media your business should try out


New social media your business should try out



Ah, social media. We and the world completely revolve around it. Some platforms have come and gone and others are here for good.



When it comes to social media marketing, businesses must decide which platforms work best for their message and goals. Most business owners immediately jump onto Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now lately, Google+. But, what about the others? There are new, emerging social programs being designed everyday. It will not take long for some to get discovered and become just as popular as Facebook.


If you are ready to explore new social options, we have some suggestions of social media newcomers that might possibly boost your business.


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If your business focuses on building up interest by blogging regularly, then look no further than Medium. Created by co-founder Evan Williams, the purpose of Medium is to show the online public the best long-form blogging posts. An algorithm is used to review posts and decide on which pieces have the highest quality content. Then, these posts are shared over Twitter and Facebook to receive the highest exposure.





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If you are a freelancer looking to build your credibility and business, try out Impossible. Impossible is a platform used by those who need help with a skill, and those who have skills looking to help. From assistance on carpeting to planting, users can ask for help on just about anything. Currently, users who offer help on Impossible are typically not compensated unless the person they help out wants to pay. Impossible is used to kindly help others out. In the future, however, this could change to users having to pay for help.



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Pheed is for businesses interested in the visual aspect of social media. Pheed users can upload and share texts, videos, photos and live podcasts. Although this may sound fairly similar to Facebook, there is a unique feature. You can opt to create Pheeds that charge users monthly subscription fees if they want to view your Pheed. Or, you can offer pay-per-view broadcasts. Subscription fees range between $1.99 and $34.99. If your business has high quality content people are willing to pay for, then Pheed could become a platform that provides you added revenue.




Blog focused businesses should consider Sulia as a way to build credibility. Sulia gathers posted content and organizes it into sections by topic. As users find and read content, they can choose to “trust” the content by pressing the trust button. Sulia posts can be shared on Twitter, LinkedIn or by directly emailing it to other users who have trusted the content. The more trust that is built, the better your business can target the right consumers.


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Like LinkedIn, ShareBloc was created for the business world. It is specifically tailored to small businesses in the B2B sector. The purpose of ShareBloc is for businesses to converse with like professionals on similar subjects. It is also a great platform to share new content with others and for them to give you written feedback or by rating it with an “up” or “down.”



You’ll never know success unless you try one…


These five social programs I suggested are some of the newest platforms out there that are only just beginning to get recognition. Take a chance and test some of them out! One of them may just be your new and successful social media tool. Since they are only up and coming, chances are your competitors do not know about them yet. Doesn’t it feel great being one step ahead of the game?


Interested in marketing your business through social media? We can get you started. Get in touch with us or give us a call at 910-338-5802.




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