Hidden Gems in Google+ Pages


Hidden Gems in Google+ Pages


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When it comes to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc., there's always new little “tricks” and features to be discovered, despite how active and aware users might be. Think you know everything about Google+? As active users ourselves, we have come across some hidden gems that we believe everyone should know about and use to their advantage. See how many of these lesser known features you might already know and use, and test out the ones you don’t!


Did You Know You Can:


1. Quit Google+ and there will be no traces of your account left

Ever try to quit Facebook only to find that people can still send you invites or tag you in pictures? If you quit Google+, all of your information and data are completely erased. Bonus: Google+ will allow you to download and save anything you shared/posted on its network.


2. Watch YouTube videos simultaneously with others


Google+ Hangouts is an easy way for you to online chat with others. Put up to 10 people in a group chat and watch a YouTube video together. Note: You are muted while the video is playing. Find the “Push to Talk” button if you need to talk while the video is playing.

Google Hangouts - SEO Marketing Wilmington NC3. Use simple codes to change your text

This may be my favorite tip, as I have posted on our Google+ page numerous times, only to want to bold something I can’t. Well now we all can!


Bold: Place an asterisk at the start and finish of the word(s) you want to be bold.

Example: Look at our *new picture*




Italics: Place an underscore at the start and a plus sign at the finish of the word(s) you to be in italics.

Example: Look at our _new picture+


Strikethrough: Put a dash at the start and finish of the word(s) you want to have a line through.

Example: Look at our -new picture-


4. Turn off auto-email to avoid unnecessary emails


Everyone you are connected to on Google+ can automatically email you. If that drives you crazy, then there is a simple way to turn it off. How: In your email, go to the wheel (cog) symbol in the top right corner above your inbox. Click on “settings.” Scroll down to the section “Email via Google+ and change the drop down from “Anyone of Google+ to either “Extended Circles,” “Circles” or “No one.”


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5. Make your profile picture/cover photo animated

Make your Google+ page stand out. Use a animated GIF in place of an ordinary picture. Google+ is the only social network that allows animated GIFs in posts/pictures. Go crazy!




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