Client Spotlight: Southeastern Foot and Ankle


Client Spotlight: Southeastern Foot & Ankle Associates

Wilmington, NC Podiatrists - South Eastern Foot & Ankle

Our feet work hard everyday transporting us from one place to another. It’s important to pay attention to our feet, and consult a professional when random aches or pains start to occur. If you are looking for a local, experienced Wilmington, NC foot and ankle doctor, we suggest our client Southeastern Foot & Ankle Associates.

From sprains to bunions, the Wilmington, NC podiatrists at Southeastern Foot & Ankle specialize in various foot and ankle conditions. Their team of podiatric physicians and surgeons are intensively trained in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders and conditions of the foot and ankle. They specialize in surgical and non-surgical treatments. Some of the foot and ankle conditions they treat include:

                              – Arthritis                                          – Hammertoes                                                      

                              – Athlete’s Foot                                – Ingrown toenails                      

                              – Bunions                                         – Neuromas                               

                              – Corns and Calluses                       – Skin Cancers of the Feet         

                              – Diabetic Foot Care                        – Sweaty Feet            

                              – Fungal Toenails                            – Warts    


Southeastern Foot and Ankle has been providing podiatric services in Wilmington, NC for more than 50 years. Their website is detailed with their services, explanations about foot and ankle problems, and what steps need to be taken for treatment.

Wilmington NC Podiatrists - Robert McConekeyWilmington NC Podiatrists - Carine McConekey

                                                       (Robert McConekey, DPM)                              (Carine McConekey, DPM)

Does Southeastern Foot and Ankle sound like the right podiatry center for you? Visit their website to find out more about why they are the best in Wilmington, NC foot care.



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