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June 19, 2017 | Category: SEO | By: Administrator

In this introductory video, Michael Byrd of WordwrightWeb in Wilmington explains why he wants to teach you about online marketing. It's definitely something you can understand. You don't have to be a geek. It's not voodoo. And he's tired of hearing how business owners have hired so called digital marketing firms and been burned by poor performance at a high cost. it doesn't have to be this way.
Good morning my name is Michael Byrd, my company is WordWright Web and we are in Wilmington North Carolina. That's us right back there, that's our logo we develop websites, we develop excellent websites, simple ones, complicated ones we can do all of the application development and online web apps and so on. We also manage online marketing and this is where we really make money for our customers, it's great to have a website but really you want to do something with it. You want it to benefit your business, you want to be an investment and get a great return on investment and not a cost. I'm starting this series of videos to educate our marketplace and to talk about some of the aspects of website development and online marketing that I think people should know and I'm really excited to start this series. We talked about different ways of doing it, we talked about webinars we've done online newsletters and so on but I really like to talk about it because I talk about it a lot anyway. I talk about it in various groups that I'm in and I talk about it one-on-one with people but I wanted to I'm excited about starting this series and to give this information to you all so anybody wants to sign up it's of course no charge. I'm also motivated by being irritated at what's happening in the marketplace and what has happened what I run into. I'm going to talk about the excitement first. I really am excited and I have used that word a lot already and how people use it, it's a cliché it's kind of a word that we pass over. I don't like clichés they are clichés for a reason but I think they're worth examining and so I'm going to justify or can't justify why I'm excited. Simply, there is a lot of misinformation there's a lot of intimidation or people being overwhelmed which should say with the prospect of online marketing and website development. It doesn't have to be that way when I explain people, to an individual, let's say in a stepwise fashion how it works and that it can be you can learn the fundamentals. You can learn the basics it really is learnable it's not something that takes a geek or a computer person, you don't have to be a computer person these are things that are conceptual that I can explain to you. I can do it in pencil and paper and show you pictures on the screen and so on you can understand it you don't have to necessarily be able to execute it but you do need to understand it so you can be a good customer; you can be an informed customer of these kinds of services. You do need them if you want to run a business; so when I was younger the analogy that I've come up with for best videos, when I was younger I was small and I was riding a tricycle I saw the bigger kids riding a bicycle and it just seemed impossible I mean they were doing it obviously there's got to be a way to do it but how do you balance a bicycle on two wheels. But I learned how to do it and once I learned realize is not that big of a deal and you can learn it too it really is kind of like that, learn the basic steps.
The second thing, angry, I'm angry that online marketing is being sold as badly as it's being sold today. There are major players, I'll go into more detail about this in another video down the road who sell with contracts and other such mumbo jumbo and if you don't know any better you may think well I've got to do something you don't have it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to be you don't have to get taken by people who sell online marketing I don't want you to be burned, I really don't want you to be burned, I want you to sign a contract and I don't want you to be burned and I don't want you to conclude that online marketing doesn't work that it's too expensive. It doesn't work if people have had that experience because they've gotten bad off online marketing that they pay too much for they've been locked in didn't know there was another way it is another way don't get taken. So that's it for our introduction today this is why I want to do these videos and why I'm really eager to get this information out to you my take away for them but I try to have a take away an action step out of each one of these videos and my action step today is really a non action step. It's a don't do don't sign a contract get eight weeks into our video series I should say eight videos in we're going to do two a week so it should take you about five weeks eight to ten videos and you'll realize why you don't need to sign a contract. So somebody comes in or selling they've got a deadline you go to get in here or not you, don't sign a contract you will thank me five weeks ago. Thank you for listening thank you for watching Michael Byrd with Word Wright Web.

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