James Parker

Server Administrator

Interesting Facts:

Has traveled to 20+ states and all 4 corner of the US (not to mention HI)


One of the most laid back and easygoing people in the office is James. He is responsible for handling any issues with our servers. Monroe, NC is his hometown which is just outside of Charlotte.


James moved away to college and attended ECU. He got a call from his buddy one day saying “let’s move to Wilmington” and with the promise of a beach house, James was sold. He packed his things and moved to this beautiful town on a whim for a change of scenery. He received his associates at CFCC in computer engineering and applied technology (basically how computers interact with one another).


Since then, he has stayed with CFCC as a teacher. His class is computer technology integration and has been teaching for the last 16 years! James has also been with Wordwright for more than a year. He says he doesn’t like change so we glad to know he’s not going anywhere for now, at least until another beach house is promised.

He is married with two children and enjoys spending time with them. The family makes a trip every year to Colorado to visit with relatives. James himself, has travelled across the US and has made it to all four corners of the country, not to mention several visits to the Big Island, Hawaii. His plans for the future are simple, grow old and watch his kids get married. Until then we will be putting him to work and trying not to rearrange the office without his approval.

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